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Food for Thought: Frozen Yogurt Makes A Fashionable Return
Why is frozen yogurt making such waves? And what kind of a comeback has it made since it’s initial fad days back in the 80’s?

“Everything comes back” replies my mother after an exhausted discussion on fashion and trends in her day and their blunt arrival into now, my day. 


Leg warmers, Jelly Bean shoes, Mohawks, Tamagochis and Furbies (something I only discovered recently) are all trends and/or fads that began in the 80’s and 90’s, disappeared due to the development of civilization’s sudden interest in good taste, and have now seemed to made their comeback in the noughties.  Along with this development and its list of iconic comebacks is Frozen Yogurt (froyo). Through the time machine, it started in the 80’s and has come back in the form of Self Service! 

The question is, why has frozen yogurt made its comeback? The answer is simple and for many reasons.  Firstly, we can look at the health benefits.  Today, ‘natural’, ‘organic’, and ‘fat free’ are the booming trend with consumers searching for an alternative, healthy yet tasty snack much like the trend back in the 80’s, a decade that was characterized by a worldwide health craze that littered celebrity exercise videos and celebrity-endorsed weight loss products.  

Yogurt also carries probiotics, healthy bacteria aiding the body, another fact that increases the popularity of frozen yogurt.  Furthermore, Frozen yogurt is also lower in fat than traditional ice cream, and is served with “healthy” toppings like fruit and nuts.  The healthiness of the treat is, therefore, up to the consumer, but it is possible to build a customized frozen yogurt cup and consume a snack that’s low in calories.   

Aside from the physical benefits of frozen yogurt, the exterior and branding of the outlets is as colourful as the froyo flavours.  We seem to have brought back this fashion, tweeked it to suit our generation of “I get to choose and create” consumers and also concentrate on the physical brand and visual identity of the actual froyo company. 


In the design world, it is a constant competition to see who can be the most Minimalist or the most Hipster.  The Froyo and the Fast Food industry as an umbrella, have taken on their own visual identity race to see who can create the most eye-catching designs to promote their flavours.  


Well, that’s some food for thought. You’ll never walk past a froyo outlet again without taking notice now. 

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